Poultry Grit

What is poultry grit?

Poultry grit is a material which is used to feed birds such as chickens. It mainly consists of crushed stone and addictive’s which helps the bird’s digestion grind their food.

Chickens Eating Poultry Grit

Why do chickens need poultry grit?

In order to digest their food properly and correctly, chickens need poultry grit. As chickens have no teeth, the poultry grit is used to grind down their food.

Inside the proventriculus, food is mixed with acids as well as digestive enzymes. The poultry grit is further used to accumulate in the gizzard, which with a strong muscular action, grinds the food down. Therefore, in order to digest food appropriately, chickens need to be supplied with poultry grit.

However, if your hens are allowed to free-range then it is more than likely that they are already getting enough grit in their diet due to the ground. However, this is not always the case due to the type of ground that they are kept on. To ensure that they are getting enough grit, we recommend purchasing some poultry grit.

Chicken feed containing poultry grit

On the other hand, some feed that people use to feed their chickens already contains poultry grit and therefore there is no need to add any further poultry grit to the feed.

However, it may be a cheaper alternative to purchasing the grit and food separately.